“Write to express, not to impress.”

I first heard this quotation in my freshman college writing class, and ever since then have attributed it to E.B. White.  But an hour spent surfing the internet just now did not turn up any positive evidence of that… and I’ll admit I’m a bit disappointed!  Nevertheless, the advice is just as good today as when I took it to heart 28 years ago.

My sister Liz encouraged me to start this blog.  She expresses her art through music – teaching it, composing it, playing it on pretty much any instrument available.  And she knows the dried-up feeling of not letting those expressions come out.  I think she sensed that in me, and I’ve decided to take her advice and jump into the blogging world.  (Thanks for the encouragement, Liz!)

You can read the tagline above to see why I’m calling this blog Eucalyptus Air, and I’ll add here that this will not necessarily be a missions blog, or a homeschooling blog, or feature “life overseas” or cross-culture marriage or anything else of a specific nature like that.  (Although I’m sure I’ll talk about all of those things from time to time.) I’m simply going to use this space to EXPRESS myself, and won’t plan on doing much impressing!  And this brings me to a quotation that really was said by E.B. White: “A writer’s style reveals something of his spirit, his habits, his capacities, his bias… it is the Self escaping into the open.”  

The expressions you will find here in Eucalyptus Air will just be me… my “self escaping into the open.”

The majestic Andes rise over eucalyptus trees

3 thoughts on “Expressions

    1. Thanks, Linda. I think I’ll enjoy having an outlet to do some writing on a regular basis. And I should also say thanks to YOU for being my first “real” English teacher… as in, the first teacher I had (7th grade) who taught only English, and not all of the subjects like elementary school teachers. I remember really enjoying your class.


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